Hometown: Elizabeth  City
Tell us about your family? Most of my family  is from the Elizabeth City NC surrounding areas
Any kids? 2 girls
What is your favorite thing to do? Eat

Any hidden talents? I’m a handy man (I’m old at heart LOL)

What is your favorite food? Beans & Biscuits (yea, I’m country)

Most embarrassing memory? Wet dreams, (that’s all the info ya’ll need on that)

What are some of your favorite  movies? Purple Rain, Coming to America, & The Last Dragon

What is your Favorite  Show? Martin & Fresh Prince

If you weren’t at 104.9 The Block, where would you be? I would be somewhere working on computers or in the military (I’ve completed 4 years in the Navy)

What is the best concert you’ve attended? Patti Labelle (I SWEAR i cried!! LOL!!)

What is the worst concert you’ve attended? I don’t  have a worst because  I don’t  go to concerts  performances that don’t  interest  me.

Who is your favorite hip hop/R&B artists? Prince, Jagged Edge, Donell Jones, Carl Thomas, Anthony Hamilton, Raheem DeVaughn, Shai, Mary J…(I like throwbacks)

What is your favorite hip hop/R&B  song?  Jagged Edge-Remedy

Do you have any bad habits? biting nails

What do u like best about 104.9 The Block? I like that I get to reach  out and communicate to the entire area .

Which one do you prefer, Crunchy  or creamy? Creamy ALL D*** DAY…

Which one do you prefer, boxers or brief? Lately briefs…

Which one do you prefer,Chinese or Mexican? I would  have to say both…(with a side of soul food LOL)