Hometown: Elizabeth  CityTell us about your family? Most of my family  is from  the Elizabeth City  surrounding  areasAny kids? None (but Wrecka love  the  kids)What is your favorite thing to do? Eat

Any hidden talents? I work  on computers

What is your favorite food? Beans & Biscuits (yea, I’m country)

Most embarrassing memory? Wet dreams, (that’s all the info ya’ll need on that)

What are some of your favorite  movies? Purple Rain, Coming to America, & The Last  Dragon

What is your Favorite  Show? Martin & Fresh Prince

If you weren’t at 96-7 THE BLOCK, where would you be? I would  be somewhere working  on computers or in the military (I’ve completed  4 years in the Navy)

What is the best concert you’ve attended? Super Jamz in Greensboro

What is the worst concert you’ve attended? I don’t  have  a worst  because  I don’t  go to concerts  performances that don’t  interest  me.

Who is your favorite hip hop/R&B artist? Prince, Jagged Edge, R Kelly

What is your favorite hip hop/R&B  song?  Hopefully  by Jagged  Edge

Do you have any bad habits? biting nails

What do u like best about 96.7 The Block? I like  that I get to reach  out and communicate  to the entire  area .

Which one do you prefer, Crunchy  or creamy? Creamy ALL D*** DAY…

Which one do you prefer,Boxers  or brief? Lately briefs…

Which one do you prefer,Chinese  or Mexican? I would  have  to say both